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The list of fresh URL Shorteners is now private! 
     From now on, I've decided to maintain it only for me and for those who ask me for it.

    As you may know, I am a publisher and I work with shorteners, which have high rates, are trusted, are paying daily, have fast servers and count my traffic good. From the other hand, I'm testing new shorteners every day, because I want to have a backup in case some of my trusted partners decide to close their business or decrease their rates. To keep having good income, I always switch to my backup shorteners, which I've already tested and met my criteria for long term partners.

    Now, because of that, I always have a fresh list of trusted NEW shorteners, which I can share with you, together with the latest payment proofs. Just send me a message at my facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/shortenerreviews

    Lately I've decided to start a different kind of YouTube channel, where you won't see the usual :O faces on the thumbnails, where the people who promotes their videos are like someone is trying to insert an airplane in their asses. Instead, with some fellow publishers we decided to provide a short, 1 minute videos, without audio, only with the late payment proofs we get for each LEGIT and TRUSTED shortener. The idea is to keep doing that every month and update with new proofs the URL shorteners we work with. We are open and invite every publisher who wants to help the same way to our small URL shortener community. The only deal is that, you provide at least 2xPROOFs for your last 2 payments from the shortener you work with and I will make the video with them. At the end and like a THANK YOU, I will put only your referral link in the video description. It is fair together to grow and together to earn, that is why that's the deal. Also there must be an incentive for all fellow publishers to provide LEGIT URL shorteners to the community. So if you want to join - send a message at the Facebook page about the shorteners you work with and pray for referrals!
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    Also, I'm making educational articles with TIPS, based on my own experience. My goal is to protect you and share knowledge with you, to keep you away from SCAM shorteners and teach you how to earn in this business. Check the links below, read and don't make my mistakes! Oh, and if you have something else to add or have a suggestion for an article, send me a message at the FB page or comment below!

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►How the URL Shorteners cheat their publishers?
►How to know which URL Shortener is a SCAM?
►What is the BEST URL shortener?
►The most popular ways to get visitors to shortened links and some TIPS!
►TIPS to stop losing money from URL Shorteners! 
TIPS on how to find LEGIT URL Shorteners!

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